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Filter cards: key elements for filtration

Filter Sheets: key elements for filtration - Filter sheets - Spadoni - card filter - filtration

The importance of filter cards in Filtration

In the complex beverage production process, filtration plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and purity of the final product, from beer to wine, from fruit juice to carbonated drinks. Among the essential elements of this process, we have the sheets or filter layers, which play a fundamental role in retaining unwanted solids and improving the organoleptic characteristics of drinks.

What is Filter Cardboard?

Filter cards or sheets, porous materials utilized in filtration systems, remove unwanted particles and other contaminants found in the liquid undergoing filtration These materials are designed with a porous structure that allows liquid to pass through while retaining particles of various sizes.

Filter cards: key elements for filtration - Filter cards - Spadoni - card filter - filtration

Composition and Structure

These items are mainly made from paper, cellulose, diatomaceous earth or perlite. These materials are selected for their ability to retain particles of different sizes without changing the characteristics of the fluid.

The structure of the cardboard or the filter layer can vary depending on the specific filtration needs. Some filters may consist of single layers of material, while others may consist of multiple overlapping layers to improve filtration efficiency and service life.

Operation of Filter Cards

When the liquid to be filtered is passed through the filter layer, larger solid particles are mechanically retained on the outer surface of the filter, while smaller particles can penetrate through the pores of the material.

The filter sheets or layers are used in different phases of the filtration process, depending on the specific needs:

Filter cards: key elements for filtration - Filter cards - Spadoni - card filter - filtration

In conclusion, filter sheets or layers represent an essential element in the beverage filtration process, helping to guarantee their quality, purity and stability. Their ability to retain solids and their effectiveness in different phases of the filtration process make them indispensable components to obtain a final product of high organoleptic and microbiological quality.

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