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Harvest 2022

The most important time for wine production is drawing to a close: so let's take stock of the progress of the 2022 harvest!

The grape harvest is undoubtedly the most anticipated time of the year for any winemaker and wine producer.
It is precisely a crucial and incidental stage for the whole winemaking process. It therefore requires much technical knowledge and obviously the most favorable climatic and environmental conditions for optimal phenolic ripening of grape clusters.

The Observatory of Assoenologi, Ismea and Unione Italiana Vini carefully analyzed the progress of the current harvest, predicting positive and very satisfactory results in terms of both quality and quantity. (click here to read the official press release).
According to first estimates, the drought and the recordo of this summer seem not to have compromised the qualitaty of the italian vineyards, which produced healthy grapes in the same quantity as previous years’ harvests.
Unfortunately, 2022 was the driest year since the 1800s, but nevertheless, the vines proved to be very resilient and strong.
According to data presented to Mipaaf, in fact, grape production is estimated at around 65 million quintals, which processed will give about 50.27 million hectoliters of wine, an amount in line with productivity in 2021.
With these very promising results, Italy is once again confirmed as the world’s leading wine-producing country.

According to initial evaluations, the grapes thus promise good wine, but subsequent processing in the winery remains crucial to achieving an excellent quality of the final product.
In fact, processing on the musts, lees and later on the fermented wine will be crucial to ensure the wine’s tightness. Take a look at our suggestions for flawless wine filtration.