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winemaking methods

Winemaking methods

There are different approaches and methods of winemaking depending by region, tradition, and the type of wine one wishes to produce. Some wines require more

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Fasi della Vinificazione

Phases of Vinification

Winemaking is the process of turning grapes into wine. This is a complex process that involves several steps, which can vary dependingon the type of

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Sistemi filtranti - Spadoni

Filtration: process and types

In recent decades, modern plant engineering has acquired ever-increasing importance in innovation in the food sector, implementing automation processes in order to optimize plant productivity

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Harvest 2022

The most important time for wine production is drawing to a close: so let’s take stock of the progress of the 2022 harvest!

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Spadoni at SIMEI 2022

We are returning to exhibit at the most important trade show for the beverage industry.
After the forced stop in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are returning to participate in the Unione italiana vini (UIV) International Oenological and Bottling Machinery Exhibition: the SIMEI!

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Why filter the olive oil?

The topic of filtration in the oil industry is much debated.
While unfiltered oil may appear to be a better and genuine product due to its intense, raw color, filtered oil has benefits that can only be achieved by filtration methods.
Let’s clarify a bit.

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