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pastorizzatore a tunnel . spadoni

Tunnel pasteurizer

Spadoni tunnel pasteurizers are single- or multi-stage systems with heat recovery for pasteurization of packaged products in glass, cans and PET dedicated to the food and canning industry.

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Scraped-surface cooler POLAR - SPADONI

Scraped-surface cooler POLAR

Ideal for the refrigeration of musts, juices, and wine, up to the freezing point, the Spadoni POLAR scraped body coolers (C-48) are characterized not only by high efficiency, but also by a modern line and the very best components.

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Heat exchange pasteurizer FLASH

The Flash pasteurizer with plate heat exchange allows for the thermal treatment of liquids with automatic control of both the pasteurisation and the cooling temperatures. For these reasons, Flash is particularly suitable for all productions in which preserving the characteristics of the foods being processed unaltered over time is critical.

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