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lenticular housing

Lenticular housing

Lenticular housing are “containers” used for microfiltration of particles and bacteria within liquids, designed to contain lenticular filter cartridges, consisting of multiple filter layers sandwiched between rigid support plates.

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Filter sheets - Spadoni

Filter sheets

Also known as filter sheets, filter cartons are elements that support the deep filtration process through their particular structure.

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Housing for gas

Spadoni’s housings for gas (F-30) are suited for filter cartridges ranging from 5″ to 40″. Systems can be built with housing for 1 to 60 cartridges, and are available with bayonet connections (cod. 7) or with DOE industrial couplings.

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Flotation units FLT series

The Spadoni flotation units combine the most advanced technologies and the best components with a range of accessories that allow the automatic operation of the system, like insulated and heated gelatin tanks, control thermostats, no-gelatin alarm probes, etc.

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Cross-flow filters

Cross-flow filters FTS-BE

The FTS Series crossflow filter is widely used for crossflow microfiltration. It guarantees filtration, polishing and microbiological stabilization in a single operation, all without the use of filtration aids such as diatomaceous earth.

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Reverse osmosis system - Spadoni

Reverse osmosis system SRO

The Spadoni SRO reverse osmosis system (F-31) is a useful mechanism to reduce the percentage of water by extraction and, consequently, to increase the concentration of the sugar and of all the other organoleptic elements present in the grape must. This allows for the concentration of aromas, perfumes, extracts, organic acids, phenolic components and anthocyanins and everything that enriches the must, which will, in turn, favore the increase of its body, improving the structure, the alcohol content, and the colour of the future wine.

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Rotary drum filter ASSO

Asso is a rotary drum filter with a mechanical vacuum filtration system, ideal for the continuative and automatic processing of liquids with a concentration of solid suspension, such as must, lees and, in general, products from the beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors.

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Vertical plate filter EMME

Vertical plate alluvial filters are particularly suitable for the filtration of liquids with solid particles in suspension, such as edible oils, juices, wine, vinegar, milk and derivatives, and, because of their technical characteristics, they are especially recommended for processing the roughing of the product.

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Press-filter - spadoni

Press-filter with chamber ALFA MAGIC

Alfa Magic is a press-filtering system with chambers that separate the solid particles from the fluid. Particularly, Alfa Magic is appreciated in the wine industry – to separate the must from the fermentation and decantation lees – and in the brewing processes, as well as in all applications that imply filtering through separation/extraction.

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