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2-vats brewhouse MBS2

Spadoni’s systems for beer production are efficient and easy to use. Equipped with automatic controls and the appropriate technical devices, they guarantee brewmasters the greatest freedom in production, and the possibility to optimise the process, making it controllable and reproducible.

For this reason, Spadoni’s machines are all equipped with an integrated automation system which, starting from an initial recipe, allows for practical and quick variations. The Spadoni MBS2 (B-35) 2-vats brewhouse with two vats are optimised for a saccharometric gradation of 15° Plato.

Two phases are processed in the two vats: mashing/filtration in the first, and boiling and whirlpool filtration in the second. Heating modes can be, optionally, electric or steam.

The Spadoni 2-vats brewhouse MBS2 range includes the following batch sizes: 150 Lt, 300 Lt, 600 Lt, 1,200 Lt and 2,000 Lt.

In addition to the MBS2 series, with a capacity that ranges from 150 to 2,000 Lt of cooked must, the complete line of Spadoni cooking rooms includes the MBS3 series, with 3 vats with a capacity from 1,200 L to 5,000 Lt. and the MBS4 + series, with 4 or 5 vats for large productions with capacities from 1,200 to 12,000 litres.


  • Brewing

Operating principles

Spadoni offers complete systems for the brewing sector, covering all stages of the preparation of beer wort: mills for grinding and transportation of the malt, storage tanks, cooking rooms for mashing, saccharification, filtration, boiling and hopping; cooling, fermentation and re-fermentation.

In the 2-vat brewhouse, the ready-made beer wort is subjected to the processes of mashing, saccharification, and filtration in the first vat, and boiling, whirlpool, and hopping in the second.

2-vats brewhouse characteristics

  • 2 vats, assembled on a fixed frame in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304), with adjustable feet;
  • Both vats are heated to optimize and speed up the production process;
  • Double batch managed in 9/10 hours
  • Patented additional mixing stirring system (in the MBS2 600 model)
  • Predisposition for malt entry through the malt transport system (MBS2 600)
  • High efficiency in filtration, thanks to the wedge wire filtering floor (standard for the MBS2 600, optional for the MBS2 300);
  • Closed Grant to minimize the oxidation of the must;
  • Automatic total discharge of the hot precipitate (trub) after the whirlpool process (MBS2 600);
  • Emergency auxiliary systems to avoid interruptions in the process
  • 2 sanitary pumps with micro-metric adjustment of workflows
  • Automated brewhouse wash system
  • Pipes in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304) for must transfer, equipped with manual valves designed to avoid turbulence and facilitate sanitization in a short time;
  • Structure frame with tubulars, platform and non-slip grilled stairs to improve the cleanliness of the workstation and operator’s safety
  • Electric panel with touch screen interface, for complete and ergonomic control of the production process, equipped with controls for heating and for water mixing valves (process, sparging and washing), and of all stages of the process, including the management of the fermentation cellar;
  • Remote assistance service
  • Ready for Italy’s Industry 4.0 protocol

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