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4-vats brewhouse MBS4+

The MBS4+ vats brewhouse, with 4 or more vats, are the largest installations in our line dedicated to the brewing industry. They are particularly suitable for large production needs.

Spadoni’s systems for beer production are efficient and easy to use. Equipped with automatic controls and all appropriate technical devices, our brewhouses offer the greatest freedom in the production process, which is optimised and made controllable and reproducible. Our integrated automation system, in fact, allows any changes to be made to the initial recipe in a practical, convenient, and quick  way.

The MBS4 + (B-37) with four or more vats are optimised for a saccharometric gradation of 15° Plato.

Spadoni MBS4+ range offers the following batch sizes: 1,200; 2,000; 3,000; 4,000; 5,000; 8,000; 10,000; and 12,000 litres.

The four-vat version of our MBS4+ brewhouse includes a vat for each of the following phases: mashing (1), filtration(2), boiling (3), and whirlpool(4). While in the 5-vat version the boiling vats are doubled.

To facilitate production, the four or more vats are heated:

  • the first, dedicated to mashing and
  • that (or those, in the case of the version with multiple vats) dedicated to boiling or maintaining the temperature. Heating takes place through the forced circulation of steam, produced by an external generator.

In addition to the MBS4+ series for large productions, with capacities from 1,200 to 12,000 litres of cooked must, Spadoni produces the MBS2 series, with 2 vats with a capacity from 150 to 2,000 Lt, and the MBS3 series, with 3 vats, with a capacity of 1,200 lt to 5,000 Lt.

The MBS4+ series, along with all our other dedicated products covers all stages of the preparation of beer wort: mills for grinding and transportation of the malt, storage tanks, cooking rooms for mashing, saccharification, filtration, boiling and hopping; cooling, fermentation and re-fermentation.


  • Brewing

Operating principles

In the brewhouse with four or more vats, the ready-made beer wort is subjected to the process of mashing and saccharification (vat 1), filtration (vat 2), boiling (vat 3), and whirlpool and hopping in vat 4.

In the first vat, the mashing process is made particularly effective by the design of the mixing blades fitted inside it.

The structural characteristics of the filtration vat (number 2) allow for excellent efficiency, in particular thanks to: the must distribution system at the inlet, the threshing cutting device, and the sparging function, which enable the recovering of the fermentable sugars still in suspension from the threshers.

Lastly, the expert design of the third and fourth vats, respectively dedicated to the boiling (vat 3) and whirlpool (vat 4) phases – in particular with regards to their dimensions, proportions, and input speed – guarantees optimal separation of the solid substances.

The cooling of the must is obtained through a plate exchanger, while the subsequent phase for aeration takes place at the outlet of the exchanger, where the treated air is injected in line.

The brewhouse’s entire process is managed in a fully automated mode, including:

  • the inlet, and all transfers between the vats;
  • the controls to manage the heat distribution circuits;
  • the control valves, pressure reducers, and transducers for the automated adjustments in all the different production phases;
  • the water pressure and temperature control in the process, sparging, and washing phases.

In conclusion, all commands are placed in the panel at the centre of the platform, where the programmable PLC is located.

Vats brewhouse ‘s Characteristics

The Spadoni MBS4+ installations are dedicated to large and industrial production contexts. The characteristics of these systems are specific to each individual plant, and therefore not easily generalizable.

We therefore invite you to contact us directly: our consulting service is at your disposal to support you in evaluating the characteristics that best suit your needs.

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