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Brewhouse Pilot MBS30 Pro

Spadoni’s Pilot MBS30 Pro brewhouse is the perfect tool for creating and experimenting with new recipes.

The Pilot MBS30 Pro is designed to offer small and newly opened breweries the possibility of sustainable and professional production, and to serve larger realities as a valid and reliable tool for experimenting with new recipes.

Equipped with automatic controls, Spadoni Pilot MBS30 Pro (B-88) allows the master brewer to experiment freely whiole also providing a useful toolbox to perfect their recipes. Pilot MBS30 Pro stores automatically the fundamental techniques and basic parameters, making every batch of beer perfectly reproducible.


Operating principles

Spadoni’s Pilot MBS30 Pro is a two-vat system: in the first, mashing, saccharification, boiling, and hopping take place in a cyclical mode; in the second, filtration and whirlpool.

In vat 1, in a first phase,  the mashing takes place, through the infusion of the mixture of hot water and malt, then the heating – with temperature ramps – followed by the pause for the enzymatic process of saccharification.

After saccharification, the wort is transferred by gravity into vat 2, where a filtration bucket is mounted and from which, through a false bottom, the filtered product is sent back to vat 1, for the boiling and hopping phases.

The vat is equipped with an electric resistance on the ferrule, to guarantee diffused and adjustable heating.

Characteristics of Brewhouse Pilot

  • optimised for a gradation of 15⁰ Plato;
  • assembled on 18-10 stainless steel frame (AISI 304) with
    • 2B internal finish;
    • external covering in satin stainless steel ferrules;
  • Vat 1:
    • Total capacity: 30 litres + 25%;
    • Mixer, without speed variator, mounted on the bottom;
    • Upper porthole;
    • Pt100 temperature control probe;
    • Circulation pipes;
  • Vat 2:
    • Total capacity: 30 litres + 30%;
    • Upper porthole;
    • Conical bottom for collection of solid residues (trub);
    • Lateral tangential outlet for whirlpool effect in the must;
    • Must outlet pipe with transparent sight glass;
    • Special filtering bottom, for high filtration performance, mounted in a removable bucket for easy discharge of exhausted threshers;
  • connections and pipes in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • manual valve to decant the must;
  • 1 sanitary centrifugal pump, with manual micrometric adjustment;
  • glossy covers, rounded glossy bottom;
  • electric resistance on the ferrule (vat 1);
  • single-stage heat exchanger;
  • general electrical command, control and distribution panel to manage the heating processes (in the mashing and boiling phases) through a programmable PLC with touch screen interface.

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