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The Spadoni carbonators are compact and complete systems. They are perfect for the preparation of sparkling drinks.

The carbonation of beverages is the process of adding food carbon dioxide (E290) to them.


  • Wine
  • Brewing
  • Food And Beverage, in general

Operating principles

Spadoni carbonators (A-72), thanks to their functionality and precise control of the carbon dioxide (CO2) dosage, deliver a perfect carbonation process in different industries.

The product absorbs the desired amount of food carbon dioxide when introduced and forced through a pressure container previously saturated with CO2. The instrumentation allows for the perfect control of the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the desired dosage.

Carbonator characteristics

The Spadoni carbonator system consists of a steel structure that incorporates:

  • Product feed unit, which includes:
    • Open impeller centrifugal feed pump, sanitary version, with inverter;
    • Magnetic flowmeter for automatic regulation of product’s flow rate;
  • CO2 dosing unit, which includes:
    • CO2 pressure reducer;
    • Sterile CO2 filter, sterilisable in line with low pressure steam;
    • Manual valve and filter for sterilisation steam inlet;
    • Automatic CO2 shut-off valve;
    • Analog flowmeter for instantaneous flow rate reading;
    • Modulating valve for continuous adjustment of the CO2 flow rate, according to the measurement’s reading;
    • In-line, sanitizable CO2 injector;
  • CO2 absorption unit, which includes:
    • Tubular stop to allow the ideal absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) by the product to be treated;
    • Continuous measurement of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2);
    • Back-pressure valve;
    • In-line sight glass at entrance and exit of product;
  • Electric command and control panel with:
    • Stainless steel case, containing the electrical components and housing the controls and instrumentation. Degree of protection IP 55;
    • PLC (programmable logic controller) for system control;
  • Adjustment feet for levelling;
  • Materials in contact with the product:
    • Elements in stainless steel 18-10 (also AISI 304);
    • Elastomers for food use that can be sterilised with low pressure steam.

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