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Cardboard plate press-filter 60×60 MAGNUM

The Spadoni MAGNUM plate press-filter for 60×60 cartons (F-21) is used for the fine filtration or the sterilizing of liquids containing minimal quantities of impurities. Reliable and highly productive, MAGNUM is ideal for large, high  quality, hourly productions.

The system of Cardboard plate press-filter consists of a frame on which a series of plates – made of plastic material, stainless steel 18-10 (AISI 304) or, on request, AISI 316 – are mounted. Between these plates, are inserted filtering elements (cardboards), which can be of different porosity, depending on the type of filtration desired.

Cardboard plate press-filter MAGNUM Spadoni, by alternating the plates with empty frames, can be adapted to also allow processing with diatomaceous earth. To optimize this process, MAGNUM can be, on request, combined with a diatomaceous earth dosing unit, for precoat formation and for dosage management during filtration.


  • Wine
  • Brewing
  • Oil
  • Spirits
  • Beverage
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical



  • Supporting structure in carbon steel, covered with AISI 304 (316 upon request) stainless steel sheet, placed on four adjustable feet;
  •  fixed head, on which the product inlet and outlet via external manifolds are positioned;
  • butterfly valves and sight glasses with inlet and outlet vents;
  • samplers;
  • Ø100 pressure gauges, suitable for temperatures up to 100°C, to determine and monitor flow resistance (ΔP);
  • in-line inspection window at the outlet;
  • movable head containing 2 drains and arranged for conversion plate;
  • fixed bridge, consisting of a suitably shaped steel crossbeam, for anchoring the spars;
  • 2 round tubular steel stringers, covered with AISI 304 stainless steel tubes;
  •  2 stainless steel bars to support the cartons;
  • closing of the filter pack with a hydraulic piston with manual pump – motorized, upon request – including cylinder and piston of appropriate diameter and oil tank;
  • food-grade polypropylene plates, with food-grade silicone rubber gaskets;
  • large-capacity collection tray with bottom discharge;
  • optional inversion plate, for filtration with 2 different types of filter sheets.
  • valves for sanitization/sterilization;
  • maximum pressure: 8 bar;
  • built-in control panel.


ModelFiltering Surface (mq)
N. of Plates
Lenght (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
MAGNUM 6012,446029008401350
MAGNUM 8028,448032808401350
MAGNUM 10035,6410037008401350
MAGNUM 12042,8412041008401350
MAGNUM 15053,6415046508401350
MAGNUM 18064,8018053008401350

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