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Cartridge filter automated housing

Spadoni’s automated housings (F-78) are the most innovative and complete version of our range of containers for microfiltration.

The system is built on a steel structure (skid), which facilitates its handling and thus optimizes work spaces, and is managed by an electrical panel with PLC.

The models differ according to the number of cartridges or lenticular modules used, the porosity of the filter elements, and their height.

Microfiltration is carried out through filter cartridges that can range from 10″ to 40″, with a micrometry ranging from 0.1um to 5um, as needed.


  • Wine


  • wheeled skid in tubular welded 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304), suitable for housing all system components;
  • connection and bypass pipes in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • pressure gauge and vent;
  • C.I.P (Cleaning in Place) system, for automatic washing.

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