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Filter cartridges 

Filter cartridges and filter capsules proposed by Spadoni F&B offer a wide variety of treatment applications, for different types of market.

From oil, gas and chemical processing to life sciences, food and microelectronics, filter cartridges and capsules provide particulate and microbiological control to meet your specific treatment needs.

Depending upon the different production needs and the product to be processed, Spadoni F&B offers high quality and maximum yield filter cartridges (F-80), with different lengths and different porosity, for both prefiltration and absolute microfiltration.


Benefits of Filter cartridges

  • Negligible impact on the characteristics of the treated liquid;
  • optimal performance, even in continuous flow conditions;
  • simple cleaning;
  • sanitisable with hot water;
  • process reliability;
  • constant filtrate quality;
  • quick and easy installation.


  • Materials: PVDF, PES, nylon and polypropylene;
  • length: from 10 “to 40”;
  • porosity: from 0.1µm to 5µm;

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