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Filter sheets

Also known as filter sheets, filter cartons are elements that support the deep filtration process through their particular structure.

The filter sheets proposed by Spadoni F&B offer the highest levels of quality, and are used in plate filtration systems, such as President, Magnum, or Kappa.

Made of cellulose, diatomaceous earth, and perlite, our filter cartons (F-81) are available in different degrees of porosity, and with different filtering capacities to meet all the impurity-removal needs of the food and beverage sector.


  • Wine
  • Brewing
  • Food And Beverage, in general
  • Spirits and Liquors

Filter sheets characteristics

Homogeneous and consistent material, available in many different degrees of filtration, with the resulting benefits of:

  • Adaptability to many different applications;
  • Guaranteed performance;
  • In denser gradations, a reliable microbial reduction;

Filtration based on the optimal combination of: surface, thickness, and filtering capacity, which offers:

  • Effective retention of solids;
  • Excellent permeability;
  • Excellent filtering quality;

Each individual sheet is engraved with its degree of filterability, batch number and production date, to allow perfect traceability.

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