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Glycol solution chiller

Due to their versatility,Spadoni’s indirect refrigeration systems with glycol solution (C-47) are now widely used in various food and beverage sectors.

Spadoni’s glycol solution chiller ensures the protection of product quality by providing rapid and stable cooling to the product. This system makes it possible to block the development of microorganisms and bacteria while reducing organoleptic alteration phenomena within the product.

Spadoni’s chiller is equipped with a special scraper shaft to mix the product, which is intended to increase heat exchange and thus ensure even cooling.

The glycol solution chiller can feed cavity cells and tanks or exchange plates and tube-in-tube exchangers. Available in one-piece version on wheels or fixed frame depending on the size required.


  • Wine
  • Dairy
  • Spirits



  • Direct expansion evaporator unit;
  • Scraper shaft inside the evaporator unit;
  • Hermetic and semi-hermetic compressor unit;
  • Subservient control and regulation units;
  • Centralized switchboard for automatic control of various utilities.

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