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Heat exchange pasteurizer FLASH

The Flash pasteurizer with plate heat exchange allows for the thermal treatment of liquids with automatic control of both the pasteurisation and the cooling temperatures. For these reasons, Flash is particularly suitable for all productions in which preserving the characteristics of the foods being processed unaltered over time is critical.

In the wine, beer, and food industry sectors in general, thermal cycles treatment systems are becoming increasingly important and widespread. Spadoni’s production in this area stands out for its ability to meet the multiple needs of the sector.

During the sanitation process, the Flash pasteurizer (C-44) deactivates the microorganisms and enzymes naturally present or introduced during processing, while ensuring the maintenance of the organoleptic characteristics of the product.


Operating principles

According to the natural laws of physics, the energy present in a system always tends to reach equilibrium. So when there is a difference in temperature between different elements, the heat will leave the hot body – or liquid – to be transferred to the cold one.

Hence, the Flash plate heat exchanger exploits the principle of achieving equilibrium allowing the heat to easily pass through the surfaces that separate the hot elements from the cold ones.

In this way it is possible to heat or cool liquids using minimal energy levels and harnessing the “driving energy” of the exchanger made by the temperature difference.

Flash pasteurizer characteristics

  • Three-section plate heat exchanger, built on a 18-10 stainless steel (also AISI 304) frame, complete with plates and tubular holding coil for about 30 seconds;
  • Thermoregulation group, for automatic control of the cooling temperature, consisting of valve and connection pipe;
  • Thermoregulation group, for automatic control of the pasteurisation temperature, complete with valves, cast iron filter, and pressure gauge;
  • Group for steam-produced hot water;
  • Group of product circuit connections, in food-grade AISI 316 steel piping, complete with deviation, regulation, shut-off, and drain valves where necessary;
  • Three-way diverter valve, with pneumatic actuator for product recirculation for when the pasteurisation temperature is not suitable or in the event of an unexpected stop of the filling process;
  • Flow metre with AISI 316 steel case for the control of hourly production.

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