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HOP BACK hopper

Hopback hopping and hop rocket are two systems for this practice: the first is inserted – in line – between the whirlpool and fermentation phases, while the second is generally defined as “cold” since the hops are added in the fermentation or maturation stages.

Hopping is the process by which the wort is enriched by the addition of hops, one of beer’s four basic ingredients with water, malt, and yeast.
The skilful use of hops gives the beer character and charm, and contributes in a particular way to enhancing its aroma and defining its bitterness, as well as contributing to the preservation of the product.

HOP BACK hopper (B-43) is available in 100 or 200 liter capacities, and both in atmospheric or isobaric versions.


Operating principles

The main function of the Hopback hopping process is to transfer the delicate essential oils and aromas of the hops, which would be destroyed by boiling but which would not emerge effectively with cold hopping.

In the HOP BACK hopper, the hops – in cones or whole-dried, to maximize the contact surface – are placed in the filter basket, through which the hot wort is then forced, before being conveyed to the fermentation phase.


  • Cylindrical tank in stainless steel 18-10 (AISI 304);
  • Food grade centrifugal pump in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • Filter basket, with 2mm holes for trapping hops;
  • Electrical control panel;
  • Inlet pressure gauge;
  • Sight glass;
  • Safety valve;
  • CO2 inlet valve;
  • Recirculation pipe;
  • Exhaust pipe with sight glass and pressure gauge;

The hop back hopper is available with either 100L or 200L capacity in both atmospheric and isobaric versions.

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