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Hop Rocket (B-89) is a useful system for cold hopping, a process for flavoring beer.

The hop tank consists of a cylindrical tank with a total volume of 215 liters and a useful volume of 175 liters, and is constructed entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, with a 2B interior finish and a satin exterior.

Hops are inserted or retrieved through two watertight manhole covers made of AISI 304 stainless steel. It remains locked inside the tank thanks to two filter septa one Widge Wire type and another laser cut also made of stainless steel, which can be easily removed and sanitized.

Characteristics: of the hop

  • Internal test: 3 bar;
  • door to remove exhausted hops eith 30mm of product
  • conical bottoms, to facilitates complete discherage of product
  • Suitably shaped and reinforced laser filter bottoms;
  • C.I.P. (Cleaning in Place) washing spheres
  • Prefilter group for fermenter;
  • Inert gas connection;
  • Piping complete with valves and pump;

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