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Horizontal plate filter MAC

Mac (F-17) is a horizontal kieselguhr plate filter useful for roughing up decanted or fermented liquids.

Horizontal kieselguhr plate filters are mobile filtration systems consisting of a structure of filtered discs, arranged horizontally inside a closed bell that allows perfect pressure resistance. The Spadoni MAC horizontal plate filter (F-17) has a larger filtering surface area than the DCBL model, a feature that makes it more suitable when faster and more massive processes are required. This type of filtration – which requires the use of diatomaceous earth as an adjuvant in filtration – is particularly suitable for roughing and processing decanted or fermented liquids.


  • Wine
  • Brewing
  • Dairy

Operating principles

Continuous flooding filters with horizontal plates are systems that provide for the filtration of the liquid through media with large pores which are further reduced by the addition of a gluing substance that, deposited on the filter, performs the actual filtering action. Among the most common types of these substances are cellulose and rock or silicate powders.


  • Built entirely with 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • monobloc filtration unit on wheels, up to 30m2;
  • fixed filtration unit, from 10 to 5030m2;
  • dosing of filtration aids by a variable flow pump;
  • indicator lights at the entrance and exit of the product, with flow indicators;
  • perfect stability of the filtering panel, even in case of prolonged interruption;
  • complete filtration of the product contained in the bell;
  • unloading of filter cake by rotation of the filter pack;
  • final washing of the filter pack with pressure water jets, for minimum consumption;
  • easy inspection of filter plates by the simple removal of the filter hood cover;
  • motorization located in the lower part of the filtering bell, to facilitate rapid maintenance.


Filtering surface (mq)
Power (Kw)
Lenght (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (Kg)
Max pressure (bar)
MAC 557,82250105017005407,5
MAC 8813,32250140023008207,5
MAC 101015,72250140023009007,5
MAC 151522,728501600250015007,5
MAC 181826,728501600270016147,5
MAC 202034,632501960290021007
MAC 252534,632501960325022987
MAC 303041,635002300350025108
MAC 404053,236502300360028207
MAC 505053,341002300380030507

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