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Housing for liquids

Housings (F-29) are “containers” used for microfiltration of particles and bacteria within wine or other liquids.

Spadoni’s liquid housings are generally used at the pre-bottling stage to facilitate the cleaning, polishing and sterilization of liquids such as wine, beer, soft drinks and other food liquids, thus ensuring a high quality end result.

Models differ according to the number of cartridges or lenticular modules and by the porosity and height of the latter. In addition, our liquid housings are available in both foot-mounted and modular versions installed on trolleys.

To offer a complete solution, we provide filter cartridges from 10″ to 40″ co micrometers from 0.1 um to 5 um according to individual needs.




  • Structure made entirely of 304 stainless steel;
  • Equipped with a pressure gauge and visual mirror for quick product control;
  • Resistant to sterilization with very hot water or steam;
  • Compact design allows for quick and thorough cleaning and minimizes product loss.

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