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Jumbo Filter

Lenticular housing are “containers” used for microfiltration of particles and bacteria within liquids, designed to contain lenticular filter cartridges, consisting of multiple filter layers sandwiched between rigid support plates.

The Jumbo filter, with its Sartopure Jumbo Star cartridge technology, represents a significant step forward, offering an innovative, compact and cost-effective approach.

It is an effective alternative to traditional diatomaceous earth-based filtration, ensuring greater autonomy, superior quality of the filtered product, optimization of production costs and a more sustainable environmental footprint.


Jumbo filter operating principles:

  • Filtration: The system passes the product through the filter septum from the outside towards the inside, retaining the solid particulate and any colloids on its external surface;
  • Regeneration: After a preset time interval or when the suggested Delta P for regeneration is reached, the feed pump stops and stops the flow of product through the filter. The filter is completely emptied using a stream of nitrogen to ensure total recovery of the product and we begin the backwashing phase. We open the washing valves and activate the dedicated pump, directing a powerful counter-flow jet of cold water onto the filter membrane to effectively remove all the contaminants deposited on its surface;
  • Restoration of productivity: Once the washing cycle is completed, a stream of nitrogen completely empties the filter and returns it to its initial condition. The feed valves are opened and the feed pump restarted to allow the product to flow through the filter again;
  • Automation: Through the installation of pneumatically actuated valves and appropriate instrumentation it is possible to automate the filtration and filter regeneration process. the washing recipes can be customized to maximize the efficiency of regenerations.


  • The Jumbo filter has a structure made entirely of stainless steel;
  • Possibility of containing 10″, 20″, 30″ and 40″ filter elements;
  • Equipped with a visual speculum for a quick check of the product;
  • Resistant to sterilization with hot water or steam;
  • It ensures effective filtration and a large filtering surface;
  • Possibility of creating a skid from two containers to manage high flow rates.

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