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Press-filter with chamber ALFA MAGIC

Alfa Magic is a press-filtering system with chambers that separate the solid particles from the fluid. Particularly, Alfa Magic is appreciated in the wine industry – to separate the must from the fermentation and decantation lees – and in the brewing processes, as well as in all applications that imply filtering through separation/extraction.


  • Food and beverage, in general
  • Wine and brewing
  • Sludge dewatering in the chemical, mineral, and extractive fields
  • Sludge dewatering from sewage and waste-water in urban contexts

Operating principles

The Alfa Magic (F-14) system is based on a “filtering pack” made of a central, self-holding frame on which is inserted a series of vertical plates, sized from 40×40 up to 150×150 centimetres. These filtering plates can be concamerated plates, inflatable membrane plates, or intercalated plates-and-frames elements.

In the concamerated-plates press-filter, the product is fed through a central hole and then passes through the filtering plates: the filtered result is collected in the corners, while the solid elements are trapped in the chamber created by the union of framed plates.

In the press-filter with inflatable membrane plates, the principle is similar, but it adds the possibility to create pressure by insufflating air or water, thus “squeezing” the trapped solid to fully extract the filtered byproduct and for the quick drying of the filter cake residue.
The filtering process is obtained through the alternatively coupled full plate/framed elements.

The framed elements create a space (chambers) in which the solid residue is collected and pressed, creating the typical filter cake waste.

Alfa Magic press-filter can function manually or automatically. In the latter option, all phases are automated and the operator’s input is only necessary for control and to manage the process of opening and discharge of the filter cake waste. These, once filled, can be gathered and moved through collecting bins or through belt or screw conveyor systems, depending upon the specific needs.

The final cleaning can be conducted manually or through automated systems with high pressure nozzles.


  • Supporting frame made of 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304), placed on wheels;
  • Closure of the filter pack by mechanical screw, or by hydraulic system on request;
  • Plunger or diaphragm feed pump, complete with gear motor;
  • Compensation vessel;
  • Removable drip and exhausted filter cake tray;
  • Bladder, complete with pressure switch, pressure gauges, inspection hole, regulation and safety valves;
  • Pipes, valves, taps and heads made of 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • Electrical panel with C.E.I. standards, placed on the machine in a watertight box.

Filter plates

  • Polypropylene, for standard uses or for the filtration of very aggressive liquids;
  • Spheroidal cast iron, for high temperature filtration;
  • With built-in canvas and perimeter sealing gaskets;
  • With membranes, for high performance and effective dehydration.


ModelMax number of platesMax power (HP)Lenght (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
ALFA MAGIC 400X4002012.8008501.500
ALFA MAGIC 400X4003012.8008501.500
ALFA MAGIC 400X4004013.3508501.500
ALFA MAGIC 500x5002032.8009001.500
ALFA MAGIC 500x5003033.2509001.500
ALFA MAGIC 500x5004033.8009001.500
ALFA MAGIC 500x5005034.2509001.500
ALFA MAGIC 630x6303033.5701.0501.500
ALFA MAGIC 630x6304034.0901.0501.500
ALFA MAGIC 630x6305034.6201.0501.500
ALFA MAGIC 630x6306035.1301.0501.500
ALFA MAGIC 630x6307035.7401.0501.500
ALFA MAGIC 630x6308036.1901.0501.500

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