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Rotary drum filter ASSO

Asso is a rotary drum filter with a mechanical vacuum filtration system, ideal for the continuative and automatic processing of liquids with a concentration of solid suspension, such as must, lees and, in general, products from the beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors.

The rotary vacuum filtration (also called drum) allows for continuous cycle processes, which are efficient and offer excellent results.


  • Wine and spirits
  • Food and beverage, in general
  • Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial

Operating principles

Through vacuum filtration, Asso (F-15) guarantees a result fully exempt from solid particles, which are eliminated along with the diatomaceous earth that makes up the filtering panel.

With every turn of the drum, a blade shaves off the waste buildup, while the filtered liquid is extracted, thus reducing decay and allowing for a very high level of hygiene, supported by the ability to inspect, clean, and sterilise the drum itself.

Asso is also a performance ace!  Building the filtering panel is easy and very quick, allowing for the machine to start operating in less than half hour.

And with a single vacuum-forming sector, Asso allows for uniform results and an exceptional hourly production, that – depending upon the type and quality of the initial product – can range between 120 and 800 litres/sqm.

Asso’s models can also be mounted on a trolley, to optimise logistics in different periods of the year. On request, Asso can be combined with belt or screw conveyors systems for waste evacuation.

Characteristics of Rotary Drum Filter

The system consists of:

  1. Filtering unit and rotation group

    The unit is composed of a cylinder covered with Reps AISI 316 metal fabric, and the rotation of the filtering unit is achieved through a reduction unit with a hollow shaft and worm screw in an oil bath, coupled directly to a speed variator.

  2. Extraction of the filtrate

    Achieved through an 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304) pump fixed inside the drum, to eliminate the risk of product oxidation and the formation of foam, and to ensure hygienic processing.

  3. Tank-container of the filtering unit

    Built in welded sheet metal and reinforced with external profiles. Inside each tank, a special diffuser ensures optimal product distribution.
    The tank-container is supplied complete with:

    • fittings for the inlet of the turbid product, and for the bottom discharge;
    • device for adjusting the level of immersion of the drum;
    • drum washing system;
    • pneumatic stirrer, to mix the filter aids and the slurries to be filtered;
    • all made of 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304).
  4. Sediment cutting device

    During the filtration phase, a layer is formed on the pre-coating state which is continuously removed by the micrometric advancement of the steel blade. Penetration and cutting are obtained through a mechanism operated by a gearmotor, in turn controlled by an inverter –  which can be operated from the electrical panel – to facilitate the smooth and continuous advancement of the blade.

  5. Filter cloth

    The canvas, which can be made of AISI 316 stainless steel, is fixed to the drum and rests on a drainage grate made of 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304).

  6. Diatomaceous earth preparation and suspension device

    AISI 304 stainless steel tank, equipped with:

    • mixing nozzles;
    • centrifugal electric pump;
    • pipes for the pre-coat and for the emptying of the slurry tank.
  7. Power supply group

    Consisting of a self-priming electric pump made of 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304) to send the product to be filtered into the container tank, and connected to a pipe of suitable size.

  8. Vacuum station

    Consisting of an electric pump with liquid ring execution and impeller made of 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304), fixed on the supply tank.

  9. Control panel

    Consisting of a panel in plastic with a CEI compliant housing, complete with: main switch, start and stop buttons, alarm, warning lights, and contactors for all the installed power and for all the electrical equipment necessary to automate the operation of the filter.


The following components are available on request:

  • Filter cloth washing system (on request).
  • Filter made of AISI 316.
  • Auger or conveyor belt for the evacuation of residues.
  • Vacuum pump made of AISI 316 steel.


ModelFiltering surface (mq)Drum height (mm)Doser capacity (I)
ASSO 2,5 COMPACT2,5 comp.1650240
ASSO 5 COMPACT5 comp.1700700
ASSO 5 517001000
ASSO 8817001000
ASSO 101019001500
ASSO 151519002500
ASSO 202022003000
ASSO 252522004500
ASSO 303025005500
ASSO 404025006300


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