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Tube in tube heat-exchanger

Tube-to-tube exchanger is a system that allows heat exchange of two fluid streams at different temperatures.

The Tube to Tube heat exchanger, has the function of heating or cooling the product to be processed. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel, it consists of coaxial tubes in which heat transfer occurs by contact through the tubular wall separating them. Thermal process can occur in co-current or counter-current, depending on whether the two fluids flow in the same direction or in mutually opposite directions.

The innermost pipe (where the product passes through) is made of materials with high thermal conductivity, allowing the highest possible heat exchange between the two fluids. The outer pipe (where the refrigerant fluid passes through) is made of materials with low thermal conductivity to have less heat loss.

This process allows a rapid lowering of product temperature and is particularly suitable for processing fluid substances such as wine and for fermented pomace, must and juice. In addition, the workmanship and materials used in the tube in tube heat-exchanger, which is made exclusively of stainless steel, ensure an excellent level of product hygiene.




  • Tubular coil in AISI 316 food grade DIN 32;
  • 180⁰ DIN 32 bends, welded and connected with DIN, food-grade, fittings.
  • Thermostats on the product side and refrigerant/heating side.
  • Wide-radius curves;
  • Corrugated inner tubes;

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