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Vertical plate filter EMME

Vertical plate alluvial filters are particularly suitable for the filtration of liquids with solid particles in suspension, such as edible oils, juices, wine, vinegar, milk and derivatives, and, because of their technical characteristics, they are especially recommended for processing the roughing of the product.

This type of filtration requires the use of adjuvants in filtration, generally fossil flours, like diatomaceous earth. The vertical plate system offers several advantages, such as the almost total drying of the panel at the end of filtration and the easy evacuation of the finished cake – that is the filtration residues – as well as the easy maintenance and removal of the filter pack.

Spadoni’s EMME vertical plate filters (F-18) are characterised by a vertical leaf type of filter plates.

The lateral supports that characterise the system are appropriately designed to  prevent the plates to overburden with their weight on the exhaust manifold of the filtered product, thus avoiding – in time – dangerous ovalizations of the seats of the same.


Operating principles

Spadoni’s Emme continuous alluvial filters with vertical plates are systems that provide for the presence of supports with large pores that are then reduced by adjuvants, like diatomaceous earth, which, once deposited on the filter, performs the true filtering action. Among the most common adjuvants are cellulose and rock or silicate powders.

Vertical plate filter  characteristics

Spadoni’s Emme filters (F-18) are characterised by panels arranged vertically inside the filtering bell, and are particularly suitable for the roughing of viscous products such as oil, syrups, and juices. Operatively, they require the use of diatomaceous earth for the formation of the pre-filter panel.

The machine is composed of a compact monobloc in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304) on pivoting wheels (AISI 316 on request). In detail:

  • Filtration section

    • insulated pressure chamber supported by sturdy legs in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304);
    • stainless steel manifolds for the filtrate discharge (AISI 304);
    • leaf type filter elements in Reps AISI 304 80 micron fabric with an internal frame and perimetral closure always in AISI 304;
    • motor for shaking the panels;
    • porthole, in the conical part, for the discharge of filter residues;
    • convex lid, tightened with C-clamps;
  • Adjuvants Dosage Section

    • large tank in AISI 304, fully satin finished for the deposit of the filtration adjuvants;
    • dosing pump for the constant, regular, and continuous supply of the filtration adjuvants in the incoming liquid stream and for the entire filtration, with gate agitator function;
    • speed control of the dosing pump through a manual adjustment knob;
    • mixer;
  • Pumps section

    • feeding pump in 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304) used both for the rapid formation of the pre-panel and for the filtration of the product;
    • set of pipes, of appropriate diameter, joined together by means of DIN 11851 joints, complete with AISI 304 butterfly valves;
    • pressure chamber venting unit, complete with inspection window;
  • Residual discharge section

    • the unloading of the panel and of the residues is obtained by shaking the filter pack through a connecting rod-crank system;
    • the residue is discharged through an opening on the conical part of the pressure chamber into a special trolley made of 18-10 stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • Electrical and control equipment

    • 18-10 (AISI 304) IP56 stainless steel panel, containing electrical equipment compliant with safety standards;
    • inlet and outlet pressure gauges;
    • control lights, one at the inlet of the turbid, and one at the outlet of the bright liquid;
    • flow metre.
  • Upon request, tested filters complying with P.E.D., ASME, and CODAP® standards.


ModelFiltering surface (mq)Max Pressure (bar)Installed Power (hp)Lenght (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
EMME 337,52,2012007501350
EMME 557,54,00202011001700
EMME 77,57,55,50210013501850
EMME 10107,59,50235013601900
EMME 15157,514,00280019002400
EMME 20207,518,25280020002500
EMME 35357,522,10310021002700
EMME 50507,525,80380022003100

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